Our team is a combined strength of vibrant  independent professionals with diverse backgrounds and specialties to help authors and writers connect with their readers and audiences throughout the world and various media.


Our company is located in Edmonton, the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta.  

We'd like to be recognized in the industry as a company whose PASSION, COMMITMENT and INTEGRITY  knows NO BOUNDARIES.



βιβλίο  (vivlío)  

  • used in Greek, which means "book" or sometimes "Bible". 



Our corporate responsibility is giving back to the society by promoting a reading culture and improving learning skills not only in schools and universities but to other parts of the globe where it is needed the most. By promoting literacy worldwide, we help guide students, and younger generations and prepare them for their future and develop them to become leaders. 

With VIVLIO HILL, everyone has a right to feel secure and confident to be given the right kind of help when they need it. This is the guiding principle behind our work, and empowers our belief in doing the right thing for others, most especially to authors.

We dedicate ourselves to provide quality service and genuine assistance to authors with their books. To help them in having a meaningful impact on their readers, to people and the world. 



 With VIVLIO HILL Publishing, we know which tactics work for which genre, and we know how to implement them.  

We will help you define and reach your target audience, in order to sell more books. We will help you establish all the basic marketing elements you need to be successful as an author (a website, SEO, etc.), and determine the best strategies for you to market your book.



This is where your efforts don't have to lead to quick or immediate sales to be considered a success. It is more about exposure. 

These type of services focus more on the long term - readers who end up buying because of the image you've built by publicizing your work will be more likely to buy future books from you than those with just a single marketing campaign. They may not be reached later through often costly marketing tactics, because they knew already who you are, and trust you, and they have interest in what you have to say.



 "Book sales will not happen without book promotion.!"

Book promotion significantly involves drawing and engaging your target audience by sharing more about yourself and your book. 

It really is as simple as communicating which involves work. By doing the right thing, it will improve your book’s visibility among your target audience and help you sell more books  If your book marketing is done well and your book promotion is targeted, your book sales will naturally follow.



Knowing the market is the key to making any book succeed.

It is essential to select the demographic to which you wish to sell books, and provide books and services that are pleasing to them. To determine what your target demographic reads, you need to conduct market research.  In today's competitive industry, offering bestsellers is typically not enough; you need to ensure that the books your customers want are readily available. Many book buyers browse book stores specifically to discover new books and authors.


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