TV is excellent for book exposure, name and title recognition plus the TV show usually offers a visual of your book's cover and the title of your book adding to your strategy. The TV show usually introduces you as the author and mentions your area of expertise.

Appearing on the national TV shows offers authors and experts the opportunity for tremendous exposure across the country with just one interview. And you can appear on many shows increasing your visibility, media credentials and adding to your ability to be an influencer in your area of expertise.

With VIVLIO, you can have a powerful author marketing and book PR publicity strategy which includes getting media interviews on radio talk shows, TV and in online media outlets. 

Each of these media outlets are powerful venues for publicity, exposure, building credibility, maximizing sales. Your book marketing timeline can be shortened, and your booking can be moved along much faster with the help of our media partners and professional publicity experts in the industry. We can help secure your TV and media placement with the best programming schedule that fits your topic.

This opportunity will put you and your book on the spotlight in front of a bigger audience with millions of avid viewers and book lovers of the show, Books of The Month. Keep in mind that one of your book's most powerful deliverables is that it becomes a showcase of your knowledge and helps you build a big brand. People buy books from big brands. 


 Primary BENEFITS:

  • Television Exposure - TV Guest Appearance
  • Increase Book Sales - Reach TV audience of avid readers and book lovers
  • Author Branding - Gain credibility as a reputable author and branded as an expert 
  • Authors get the best exposure and visibility which allows them to make the best presentation of their material, inform the TV show viewers about their book and invite them to purchase it. 

Options for Author for the TV Interview Location:

a) Studio - Authors may come to the studio or TV station to have the interview with host.

b)  Remote / Home or Office - Authors may do the interview remotely with the host, either at home or in their office using a tool which can record a video coverage of the interview.

Authors get a choice of 2 segments for the TV appearance and guesting:

  • 15 Minute Segment - $1,499
  • 30 Minute Segment - $2,999

You can have the recording of your TV Interview to be your media asset that can be re-purposed throughout your social media, placed on your website and on your media page, shared on your YouTube and use it to land new opportunities, new clients and new success.




  • One-on-one interview   with the host (Home or Studio)


  • 15-minute show segment


  • Show replay up to 20   channels


  • 30 days Feature on TV   Station Website


  • VIVLIO Website Advertising


  • Physical Bookstore   Marketing (3 months)


  • Digital Marketing 

  • 100% Royalty Rate

Price: $1,499


  •     One-on-one interview   with the host (Home or Studio)


  • 30-minute show segment


  • 1 Basic Web Press   Release


  • Show replay up to 20   channels


  • Newswire Basic Press   Release to 5 Targeted Industries


  • 60 days Feature on TV   Station Website


  • VIVLIO Website   Advertising


  • Physical Bookstore   Marketing (3 months)


  • Digital Marketing

  • 100% Royalty Rate

Price: $2,999

How it works:  

With your chosen interview package, provide us with the following information to book you on the show:

a) Your desired TV taping date. 

You can choose any 2nd Saturday of the Month. If slots are filled, 4th Saturday date will be available. You can schedule as far as 10 months in advance.

b) The best contact number, time and day.


One of the TV staff will try to reach you to formally schedule you on the show.

c) Interview length preference: 

  • Half segment - 15 minutes
  • Full half hour show - 30 minutes

d) How to expect your book. 

  • Mail
  • Email book cover and pdf of book or summary of book
  • Both

If you prefer to mail your book, below is the shipping information: 

Send it to:  PTWWN TV

300 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 100

Roswell Georgia 30076