Enhance Your Credibility & You'll Earn The Respect Of Your Readers!

Book reviews help potential readers become familiar with what a book is about, give them an idea of how themselves  might react to it and determine whether it's the right book for them to buy.

Book reviews give books greater visibility and greater chance of getting found by more readers.  It is more likely to be shown to potential readers and buyers online than those books with no book reviews at all. It opens new doors to bigger opportunities and wider audience if a book has a review. Especially if it has a lot of book reviews, they appear to be more popular. People tends to be curious on what looks to be popular for them to check it out. If you have a book review already, it would be best to have a good number of them. It can help lead to a snowball effect of book sales.

A review of your book from professional reviewers can help readers ratify if your work is worthy of their time and money.

Interested in having a Professional Book Review?

Pacific Book Review Packages 

Increase Credibility, Exposure, and Book Sales! 



Strengthen your credibility with a professional book review service.

 Pacific Book Review are distributed to and by :

  • We distribute your review to numerous news sites.
  • Distribution to numerous search engines.
  • Your review will be posted on major book retail websites.

Pacific Book Review is the recipient of the “Honoring Excellence” and  “Best Websites for Authors” awards by the Association of Independent  Authors, and are members of the National Book Critics Circle and the  National Education Association.


  •  Reviews are written by carefully vetted, professional writers and  critics from mainstream media publications or notable online websites 
  •  Review completed within 3 weeks. 
  •  Reviews are professionally edited, ready for you to reprint on your marketing materials.  
  •  Reviews have its link on Amazon for the option to buy the book on Pacific Book Review. 

With this service, you get:

* A professionally edited review completed within three weeks.

* A  PDF tear sheet of your review between 400-600 words. 

* A link to Amazon for the option to buy the book.

^ Your book and the review featured in Vivlio's website.

^ Physical Bookstore Marketing for 3  months.

Cost: $899

How it works:

  • Order the review package
  • Submit your manuscript, book or e-book.
  • Reviewer specializing in your book's genre will work on your book
  • Review complete within 3 weeks
  • Receive an email with the attached PDF file of the tear sheet of your review and a link.