Easy Guide for Publishing

1) Manuscript Evaluation



Your manuscript will undergo a thorough assessment and will get an overall evaluation with global structure to ensure it is of the highest quality and ready for publishing.

2) Hands-On Author Support


You will have a publishing advocate who will be in constant contact with you throughout all the aspects of the production. To determine your goals for your book, your audience, how you would envision your cover to look like, the type of interior layout you’d like which will be used to guide the production team in the creative decisions through the entire process.

3) Start of Publication Process


 Your publishing advocate will check for required elements of your manuscript; this includes:

· Title and Subtitle

· Foreword, Dedication, or Acknowledgements if needed

· Illustrations, Photo Images or Graphics

· Book description 

· Author Bio & Photo

4) Cover Design


 Our design team will work with you to discuss your book cover. They will help you get a clear idea of how your book cover will look like. They will provide cover designs and templates for you to land on the perfect cover design for your book. The team will also work on creating the spine and back cover, for your book description, author bio and photo if you would like them placed on your book.

5) Proofreading


Our Proofreading team will work with you to maximize the marketing impact of your book by going through your manuscript to fine tooth comb for errors.

6) Interior Layout


Our design team will develop your book’s interior styling with the appropriate font choices, margins, page numbers, sidebars and other graphic styling make a reading experience from start to finish organized.

7) Final Review and Galley Proof


 A galley will be sent to you for approval-copy of your book’s interior which appears exactly how it is in print. This will be the best time for you to make the necessary adjustments to its layout and other graphic elements before it will be sent to the printer. 

8) Marketing Advise and Consultation


 Our Book Business Executive will discuss with you to determine the best ways to ensure your book gets in front of your readers. They will help you design a marketing plan for you to do on your own if you wish or with our help. 

9) Distribution


 Our team will work with you to provide the best options for your distribution goals and retail channels. We’ll send your author copy and complimentary copies for you to sell or keep as you wish as well as the electronic files for your book.