VIVLIO HILL Publishing supports all types of authors and is happy to provide a retail outlet for books published through non-traditional publishing sources. When your book is self-published, or is available only on a non-returnable basis, we will work directly with you to sell your book on consignment.

Our consignment program is an agreement between you, the author, and VIVLIO HILL Publishing, to offer your book for sale in our store and to three other bookstore chains within our connections.  By leaving your books with us, you agree to abide by the guidelines below:

When you leave your books on consignment with us, we will:

  • Place your book for sale (most      often in our self-published author section, which is alphabetized by      author so your friends and family can easily find it) in our store.
  • Track sales of your book using      our computerized inventory system.
  • Call you when we need more      copies.
  • Issue a check after we’ve sold      5 or more copies or at the end of the consignment period.
  • Remove your books from sale      after 3 months unless it is continuing to sell well and we’ll both agree      to extend the consignment.

 Note: We will contact you at the end of your 3 month consignment period, but it is your responsibility to pick up any unsold books at that time.  Any books left beyond the consignment period will be disposed of by VIVLIO HILL Publishing. We will only pay you for books that are sold. Damaged or stolen items are your sole financial responsibility.  

If you would like us to carry your book on consignment, here’s what you must agree to do:

  • Sign up with the service and process  $499, non-refundable consignment handling fee.
  • Send us between 2 and 5 copies      for sale at up to 3 book store chains in your choice of area.
  • Accept standard 60/40      publishing industry terms.
  • Offer your book at the same      retail price through all outlets (including copies you might sell      yourself).
  • Include the fact that your book      is available at VIVLIO bookstore in any and all of your marketing and      advertising and add a link on your website. It is important for you, as      the self-published author, to remember that marketing is up to you.
  • Pick up any unsold copies of      your book at the end of the 3 month consignment, understanding that any      books left past that time will be disposed of by the bookstore.

After your consignment term is over, if you wish to extend it for an additional three or six months, the same fee of $499 additional will apply.

*Authors who have sold five or more copies during the three month period will have the re-consignment fee waived.

Note: VIVLIO HILL Publishing reserves the right to refuse any book proffered for consignment deemed unsuitable for sale in the store.   

Only $499 for 3 Months Shelf Life for your book!

 We know what an enormous amount of dedication writing a book can take. Whether your book winds up on the shelves of VIVLIO HILL or not, please know that we appreciate the effort, care and creativity that has brought you this far. Now for the hard part - getting it sold ! 

When thinking about marketing your book in our store - remember, we want all of your hard work to be rewarding, both for us and for you.