Does your book make a great movie or television series? 

We can find it out with an In-Depth Review or a book adaptation review to check for that hollywood material and quality. This way, we'd be able to recognize if you have a viable material for big screen or television edition. 

This is done by a specialized reviewer who reads your book and write an adaptation review, which is a standard format in the movie and TV industry consisting of a summation highlighting the main characters and events in your story. 

This also includes a critical assessment addressing the key points in the story and its potential for adaptation to another form of media.

The review will be done by an independent industry professional who does the same assessment for major movie agencies and studios, giving a genuine access to film and entertainment decision makers.

How It Works

  • An expert reviewer for book adaptations will read and  write a review of your book based on the standard format in the movie and tv industry.

This will include:

  1. Summation - detailing the main characters and event in the story
  2. Analysis - addressing the key point in the story and the hollywood potential of your book.

Once your book adaptation review is accomplished, it will be submitted to our partner production company to attract film and entertainment key players to give their take on it and move on to the next level of creating a screenplay for the big screen.