βιβλίον (used in Greek, meaning "book")  

Our team is a combined strength of vibrant  independent professionals with diverse backgrounds and specialties helping authors to connect with readers and audiences throughout the world and various media.


The company is located in Edmonton, the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. It's a full-service book marketing firm whose aim is to be recognized for its passion, commitment and integrity that knows no boundaries. 



In order to be recognized, you have to be doing something right to be trusted.

Since its founders, Dorze (CEO) and Wilson (COO), became colleagues in a number of companies during their previous years, a lot of people have been looking at what they're doing and how they have been helping their former employers become so successful. 

Both, had an entrepreneurial mind, who one day hoped to launch a business but sort of trudged along the way for many years struggling to find the right people with the same ideals they possess. There were plenty of times they have lost their hopes, but they kept pushing through. They thought businesses wasn't easy, especially on the prospect of finding enough money to support the quality services they were planning to provide their authors. Their patience and faith paid off and they were eventually able to attract a healthy couple to support their cause. Their tandem was solidified and became a powerhouse team they are in at the present.

Their piece of advice might seem like simple for authors, who are also entrepreneurs and would be owners is to keep their faith and to just be patient. To never give up and to don't quit! These words could sound cliche especially for a lot of authors. But for them, who are living proofs of the good that can come from being patient, they sound truer than ever. If anybody will learn from their story, it should be that opportunity is rare, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to come.

VIVLIO is a noble and humble company, who  is always ready and willing to breathe life to every author's dream. 

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